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September 23, 2022 2 min read

If you are looking for Halloween decoration ideas for your backyard, you can refer to some of the following decorations.

The outdoor space will be more magical with the light of lanterns, of pumpkins or creepy with ghostly silhouettes that will bring Halloween atmosphere closer to your home.
Each house, depending on the exterior shape as well as the different ideas of the owner, has different and impressive ways to welcome Halloween.

Using a devil-faced pumpkin

October is associated with autumn, the romantic yellow color of pumpkins helps to fill your porch with autumn air. But the beauty of late autumn will be even more special when you decorate pumpkins with different bizarre shapes. Add a pot of dried plants to bring Halloween closer to your home.
The trees in front of the window are changing leaves, the carpet of falling yellow leaves is mixed with the light and the old furniture to make the corner of your yard more impressive.

Best outdoor Halloween light ideas 2020 | Under 10$ | Daily Technic

Using human skeletons fake

With these human skeletons, you can hang them on a tree or even decorate in a corner of the yard that can make others feel scared on a creepy Halloween night.

50+ Skeleton Halloween Decoration Ideas for Outdoors

Use fake spider web

Get your yard looking its wildest this Halloween, by getting creative with layers of cobwebs. It will make your yard murky and gloomy. Create a feeling of cold when stepping foot to the gate.

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Use LEDs

You can use LED lights of different colors. If you want your yard to have a creepy atmosphere, you can use blue or green led lights. It will create a blurred and faded feeling, and the accessories that you have decorated with will create a more scary feeling.

If you like to decorate your yard fun and beautiful, then choose led bulbs with brighter colors such as yellow or white.

Halloween Decorations : r/halloween

Use fake snake toys

If you are not afraid that other people will never come to your house after this Halloween season, you can use toy animals such as snakes and centipedes. These toys are used to troll people. Place those toys in various places in your yard. Surely when stepped on them, people would scream out of fear.

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